A Little Paper With a Big Heart
Est. 2009
A Little Paper With a Big Heart
Est. 2009
Welcome to 'Giggle'; the little paper with a big heart! Our paper is printed on newsprint but actually doesn't have a drop of "news" in it. Instead, you will find page after page of stories written by people that live within the communities we deliver to; stories of love, struggles, loss and how to conquer (with grace) all of life's unexpected situations. Settle into your comfy chair, peruse our contents and you will certainly be blessed!

SHH...Lullabies & Fireflies

SHH...Lullabies & Fireflies

shh ... lullabies and fireflies ...
Lullabies, Fireflies and Poems for little ears to hear
Let's Talk Babies...
"To nourish children and raise them against odds is in any time, any place, more valuable than to fix bolts in cars or design nuclear weapons."
- Marilyn French
... "and so it was that the handsome prince and the fair, young maiden brought forth a child whom they named "Aya" (meaning; miracle) and they all lived happily ever after". -bd
Pamper yourself. Take time to relax. Bask in the wonderment of pregnancy. De-stress and put your feet up. This is a wonderful time to be in tune with your body. Allow others to pamper you too.
The miracle of birth will soon occur.
Revel in every bit of it, pregnancy, birth & parenthood.
Before You Were Conceived
I have loved you before you were ever conceived
I adored you before you'd ever believe
You wrapped your tiny self around my heart so tight
Forever will I love you with all my strength & might -bd
Listen, little darlin, and you will hear a tale of love as nana whispers in your ear ...
Inspire Me
inspire me my little one, come help mommy to believe
in fairy princes and princesses in the forest of darkest green
oh let it be that i could see the happiness they achieve
when fireflies fly in the light of the moon unaware that they've been seen
you tell me of your make-believe friend (Ms. Mary Mind Be Good)
I want to talk to her, would love to have tea with her ... hey ... do you think we could?
we could sit beneath the big oak tree - the one you claim is magic
perhaps the leafits would talk to us there ... if not that would be tragic
or better yet, we could climb that tree and sit in its branches old
and tell our friend Ms. Mary of fairy fantasies untold
when night time falls and the lazy moon bids us say "goodnight"
I'll wrap you up cozy in my arms and hold you safe & tight
then you'll unfold your tiny pink hand and bid me there to see
your collection of dreams ... the glittery ones and one there is just for me - bd
when you tiptoed into my life
so quietly (no one told me they were planning a little you)
i realized almost instantaneously
i was in love
they light up our lives and challenge us with their innocent beliefs.
they forge ahead from the time they are born with a stubborn strength to LIVE.
they force us to take a closer look at ourselves
lest we disappoint them or fail them in some way.
we realize how very important it is to provide them with the vital things that will shape the person they become:
we pray their parents nurture them and instruct them
while we support them, love them, direct them.
grandchildren; the future incarnate. -bd
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
there you flutter from afar
find your way here ... come to me
your twinkling light I wish to see

then take me with you when you go
so many twinkles I would suppose
that I will see along the way
while you and I, in secret, play

see all the things you're used to seeing
all new to me I sure love being
here with you to twinkle with
I see you're real - no longer myth -bd
Your First Teddy
We sat and thought and imagined and dreamed
the thought of a baby now unknown, now unseen
we pondered at our finances, our future, our lives
we worried and joked ... then came our surprise
that planning and pondering and thinking are okay
but now that you're in my tummy ... that all went astray
first you were a thought now you're alive and growing
all of our worries were snuffed out with this knowing
as weeks go by and my body changes we are amazed all the more
we anxiously look forward to what our new lives have in store
you've started to kick, it's like a slight thumping deep inside
I can't wait for daddy to feel you ... so wondrously alive
you're getting bigger now, moving and kicking so much more
when daddy puts his hand on my belly you stop as if you're bored
he can see my belly contorting ... wants to feel you as I do
now finally you let him and he begins to cry as you move
you are such a big part of us, we can't imagine life without you
in just a few more short days we'll be a family for real ... it's true
you will come forth into this world surrounded by people who love you already
we will all live happily ever after, me, daddy, you and (let's not forget) your first teddy.
Put your vibrant red lipstick on mommies and let's celebrate!
Is there a baby explosion going on? I'm beginning to see it! While out returning things after the holidays, I had to stop in one of our local department stores real quick. I wasn't in the store more than 5 minutes when it was brought to my attention that every single store employee within our sight was pregnant. But I don't have to go far from home to witness the baby explosion.
My daughter is pregnant!
My daughter-in-law is pregnant!
My niece is pregnant with twins!
So, I suppose our family is doing it's fair share in contributing to this newest baby boom. -bd
Wecome Princess Naliviyah!!!
(as of 7/27/09)
My son, Nick & his wife MaryAnn delivered our beautiful new grandaughter, Naliviyah on May 19,2009. My niece Melissa & her husband Darin are expecting twins and are due to have thier boy and girl any day now! (We are so happy for all of you, all of us!) -bd
Congratulations to
Jasmin & Scotty
on their baby boy delivery
read Jasmin's Pregnancy Blog
Congratulations to
Nick & MaryAnn
on their baby girl delivery!
Congratulations to
Melissa & Darin
on their pregnancy
(with twins!) ...
due in August 2009!!!
Babies; bottles or breastfeeding?
What's your opinion?
Staying healthy during pregnancy ...
how do you achieve it when illness threatens?
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