A Little Paper With a Big Heart
Est. 2009
A Little Paper With a Big Heart
Est. 2009
Welcome to 'Giggle'; the little paper with a big heart! Our paper is printed on newsprint but actually doesn't have a drop of "news" in it. Instead, you will find page after page of stories written by people that live within the communities we deliver to; stories of love, struggles, loss and how to conquer (with grace) all of life's unexpected situations. Settle into your comfy chair, peruse our contents and you will certainly be blessed!

Welcome to Biscuits & Tea

The Tea Room
it was not without design, not without intention. Words do not fall carelessly upon paper; they are structured into finely appointed sentences which are created to connect with your heart, your mind, your soul.
The tea room was born early 2007 to preserve my sense of connection. I had met and married my husband in late 2006 and shortly thereafter found myself "tethered" to an office chair in our family business committing to work that was enhanced by the talents that I brought to the table. It wasn't long before I began to feel consumed by my work and therefore closed off from family, friends, socialization; connection. Initially The Tea Room was a part of our business webiste - it wasn't long however, until it grew strong enough to stand on its own. This website was created so that I might reach out to women in our community and interact with them; discussing things that affect all of us, our families, our marriages, our hang-ups, our past/present/future. We share our faith or lack thereof, our sensitivities, the things that bring us great joy and even those that cause us sorrow. This is a place where the dialogue is dependent upon you, the reader, to interact and join in. I am thankful that you are here, I am thankful that I feel connected once again and I hope that in some small way you are blessed by the words you read, the images you see, the experiences we have all shared and that you, too, feel connected.
We are all on a path.
We all have a journey.
We are all traveling.
There are moments that we get tired.
Pause. Reflect.
Bring your tea to sip... sit back... relax ...
realize where you've been and
where you are going.

May 2024 find you peacefully and happily blessed
Middlebury, IN. newspaper written by Brenda Dwyer; owned by Bob & Brenda Dwyer. Giggle offers feel good stories for over 36,000 readers; Giggle News serves the communities of Elkhart, Middlebury, Bristol, Shipshewana, Goshen and LaGrange in the counties of Elkhart and LaGrange, Indiana. Giggle News is considered a Middlebury, IN. newspaper, a Bristol, IN. newspaper and a Shipshewana, IN. newspaper.Grandmas, The Cat's Meow, Inside The Tea Room, The Corner Office, This n' That, From Our Kitchen, Garden Gab, Talk Across The Fence, Salisbury's Stake, A World of Wonders and Destri of Nocham are just a few of the gems you will find inside. Giggle News has been in circulation since April of 2009. Brenda Dwyer uses her humor and heartfelt thoughts when putting pen to paper to fill the pages of the Giggle News in a way that attracts men, women & children alike. The Giggle News is all about strengthening the local economy and has led a small crusade to bring local merchants and the consumers of this area together to achieve that end. Life is challenging and wonderful all at the same time and the Giggle News is there to capture those precious revelations. Giggle News is also available online as well as at area lay-down spots. Giggle News ... the "feel good" newspaper.
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